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I love wood; cutting, carving, shaping, joining, assembling and finishing it.  Smelling, touching and, as a last resort, when it is too small a scrap for any other use, burning it in the fireplace.  I love wood and I love working it with my hands.  I respect wood as an amazing, unique, beautiful and renewable resource and material.  The available species are so varied (local mills and vendors give us exceptional choices) and their properties and appearances gives us so many beautiful option.  I’ve been working with wood since I was a kid and was blessed to ‘hold the other end of the board’ for some very skilled, old world craftsmen.  I say, "blessed" because you don’t really learn carpentry out of a book or in some institution of higher education.  If you are to be a true carpenter, you learn the muscle memory in the shadow of those who have gone before. Carpentry, even while assisted more and more with wonderful, modern technology, is a world of tradition that ought to be respected.


To many, the thought of hiring a contractor or builder immediately brings unpleasant thoughts of unreliability, lack of punctuality and dreams gone wrong.  No one is perfect but there is no reason not to expect the same ethical and honorable business integrity from your builder that you would from, say, your banker or accountant. 


As it is our nature, we enjoy providing high-touch customer service and focused attention to detail. We are old-school and small.  We do one project at a time so your project isn't one of many distractions..  The intention at GBI is to be the antithesis of big, multi-layered construction companies.  As Rik does the building himself, when he shows up to bid your project you are also looking at the man who will be, hands-on, building it.  If you are one who appreciates the beauty of real wood and the rustic, mountain-lodge architecture so appropriate to Northwest Montana, then GBI should be your choice for Decks, Carports, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling and other construction projects (even those as simple as hanging a door or adding shelving in your garage or laundry room).  When we arrive to assess your project, our mission is to gather the relevant information and then effort to understand exactly what it is you are envisioning We talk with you about it in a way that ensures we both fully understand the implications and your expectations.


Understanding construction procedures, conventional carpentry practices, codes and technical data is an important aspect of being a Builder but it's a useless endeavor unless the man on the job can accurately and meaningfully translate all that into his client’s desire. At GBI, the technical knowledge is important and trades skills are present while the focus is on delivery of your dream.      


A good name is to be chosen over great wealth; favor is better than silver or gold.  Proverbs 22:1 .  

When you call, ask for references and pictures of previous projects.