...Do-it-yourself doesn't really have to mean going it alone.


Let Rik drop in to your jobsite once or twice a week to keep you on track. Do you want to make sure your sub-contractors aren't cutting corners? There are many nuances in the trades that are commonly overlooked by the untrained eye.  There are sequential considerations that must be considered daily.   Are you sure you could even recognize sub-standard work if you saw it? GBI will take care of that for you.


 Builders: How would it impact your bottom line if you significantly reduced, or even eliminated, call backs? What if you could nip careless defects in the bud, while they are still accessible and easy to correct? What would it do for your reputation and profit if your contracts automatically included weekly inspections, during the course of construction, by an Independent Qualified Inspector? Ask about GBI’s very reasonable fees for priceless service.
Just daydreaming? Are you looking at your home and asking yourself, "What if"? Call Rik. Let's hold your dream to a candle and shed some light on it. For a small fee, you can be confident in getting started or learn other options to consider.
 Maybe you are about to lease a home or commercial space and you are wondering about the building's condition or suitability. Do you need building permits or building history researched? Perhaps you are a landlord who needs to document conditions before or after a tenant’s occupancy.  Equipped with decades of experience, cameras, forms, established methods and systems of documentation, we will take care of that for you.
Perhaps you are buying an out of area property with reports or plans that you don’t understand? Call GBI to review and then walk you through the documents. It will cost less than you might think for an hour or two of consulting time.
Churches, Service Clubs and Volunteer Organizations: Rik Goodell is experienced as a consultant to your unique circumstances (and limited budgets) around real property acquisition, ownership and preservation.
Property Managers: Call GBI to do an inexpensive walk-around your buildings and identify small problems so they can be corrected before they become very expensive ones. Rik also conducts seminars, in a classroom or at one of your properties, to teach your personnel to recognize problematic conditions early and to understand the significance of correcting them promptly.