Let’s bring your dream into reality ....



If you are an existing homeowner considering an addition or a remodel, or you are building a new home, Rik Goodell offers expert remodel coaching to help. We have life coaches today and personal training coaches, why not hire a Remodeling Coach, someone who has been in the trenches and speaks the contractor language, and is skilled at translating that for you, to facilitate your major home improvement undertaking? This may be especially valuable to owners who are living out of the area when building a home or doing a remodel. You'll save money, time and stress while ensuring the outcome you dream of.


Rik’s objective as your remodeling coach is to be your educated eyes on the job, from concept to completion, to ensure that your desires become material reality in your home.  Rik's very first task when hired as a remodel coach is to learn a bit about who you are and learn something about your lifestyle and the needs of your family so that he can intimately understand your intentions and desires with regard to your project. Once he has a grasp on that, he begins to organize, and then monitor, all of the aspects to facilitate your dream into being. It goes without saying that remodeling is an expensive and, when not well ordered, a very stressful undertaking. Horror stories of domestic challenges from remodeling or room-addition strife are far too common.  It’s not always the fault of the builder either.  Too often, owners have unrealistic expectations or, at the outset, have too vague a picture of their desired outcome.  All too often the end results are very disappointing for the owner and are unreasonably over-budget.  But that should hardly be a surprise when you consider that the typical homeowner is inexperienced in navigating the complex and unfamiliar waters of that process.


A construction facilitator, or remodeling coach, can not only take a very important look at what needs to be done before the remodel project begins (to help plan pivotal decisions and address feasibility prior to embarking on the job) but he can then monitor the remodeling process and inspect the contractor's workmanship along with being the eyes of the homeowner to ensure the dreams are coming to fruition as intended.  It’s a win for all sides when communication and clarity are intentionally in the weekly mix.


Homeowners usually lack the time and expertise to ensure a high quality outcome within budget. With 60 years combined experience as a general contractor and construction consultant, along with accounting and budget management, Rik & Audrey will guide your home improvement into the reality of your expectations.


What services are available?

Not all services will be appropriate for every job. We will tailor this service to your project and your budget.

Project Scope review (reality check with existing conditions)

Establishing and monitoring a Budget

Contractor review & assistance in selection (check qualifications, history and references)

Bid review (review contracts for omissions, inclusions and compliance with specifications) Note: This is not a legal overview, as we are not lawyers.

Contractor Meeting (Rik & Client and Audrey meet with your selected contractor to ensure he understands our process, budget monitoring and expectations)

Quality control (can be weekly or bi-weekly site inspections or as otherwise warranted)

Written Updates (usually by email – a written summary of findings after each site visit or communications with your builder and architect)

Material reviews and specifications compliance. (I can review the spec’s in detail and then ensure that all equipment and material is as you have ordered).

Liaison/Project Management (Coordination of steps and forward planning).  Builders typically appreciate a responsible party on-site that speaks their language, understands their challenges and can share realities with the owner.