...If you’re not there to watch it, who is watching it?


Rik Goodell is not only a builder but a former Deputy Sheriff and Policeman. He has the training, experience and mind-set that qualifies him to provide for your peace of mind.


Upon each visit to your vacant home he assesses the perimeter of your home, noticing the out-of-ordinary conditions that might evidence problems; whether natural or otherwise, such as vandalism or forced entry.  Then the house is entered and each room checked for normalcy. We check for leaks in the plumbing, monitor the heating system to see that desired temperatures are being maintained, check lights that are on timers to ensure bulbs are not burned out and look for roof leaks or other signs of problems. With over a quarter century as a Building Contractor and Home Inspector, Rik has the background and systemic familiarity to recognize a problem, assess it and quickly bring about the right remedy.


We offer plumbing, electrical, carpentry, roofing and all repair services to address any issues on a given property. Rik will determine whether the problem is a localized or systemic concern, determine the appropriate course of action and, within your pre-established budget and guidelines, quickly do what is needed to make it right.


We can also turn up the thermostat, get a load of firewood delivered, have the driveway plowed or otherwise get your home freshened and ready for your arrival after an absence.


This easing of the heart often costs less than you might expect.  What would it do for your peace of mind to get a weekly or monthly email from a trusted person, with an organized, methodical monitoring system, telling you that your Montana Home is just fine?